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And his Name was "Lucky".

Solitary Confinement.  Nobody should have to live like this.

I chased this dog through the streets of Greenfield, Massachusetts for quite some time...several hours in fact...and that included racing all the way down Main Street, Lucky on Foot and me behind the wheel of my Car. I thought that I had him cornered TWICE and yet he gave me the Slip. Only later did I discover that a Car had pulled to the side of Route 91, opened the door and pushed him out before speeding off again....leaving this Gorgeous Dog to fend for itself. I was heartbroken that he'd given me the slip but my phone rang two days later...the Dog was Alive and Well at the Turners Falls Shelter and I made it there is a very short time. How anyone could give this lovely Animal the Heave-Ho was beyond me but, as you can see, he didn't stay in Solitary for very long.

We spoke softly to one another for awhile and I explained to him what he already knew..... he was Homeless. I explained that he might do better than me if he stayed and waited for the perfect family to come along... but he seemed willing to give it a go and we decided that developing a Relationship was in order.

"Rich...You SURE you know where we're headed?"

The paperwork was done, a donation was presented, a collar and leash were put in place and "Lucky", named after the Collie that my Grandparents, Fred and Betty Finn, had in their lives several decades earlier, was once again ready to take a ride in a Car. He quickly called out "Shotgun!!", climbed into the front seat, I put the seatbelt on him and we headed for Home....taking the Long Way.... and listening to "Supertramp" as we Drove. While remaining Silent...his eyes fixed on the Road ahead...I wondered if he, even for a second, thought he might get the boot...yet again. He was, after all, a Thinker... yet he showed no signs of Fear whatsoever. As a matter of fact, he'd sometimes look over at me...wondering what the story was. Should he Trust me? I suspect his Heart felt my Heart...and his Eyes most certainly noticed that mine were filled with Tears. Being polite and well mannered, he pretended not to Notice. Upon entering the driveway his ears perked up and he immediately began checking out his NEW surroundings. He met the other dogs whose home he was going to share, pee'd on every tree, bush and shrub he could find and met the Resident Humans....each of whom instantly fell in love with the Man. After a couple of hours spent operating at Full-tilt Boogie, however, Lucky began showing some signs of wear and tear and it was becoming quite apparent that he'd not slept in quite some time. This kid was BEAT. I asked if he'd like a nap, showed him where his/my/our resting spot was located and after a brief sniff, he was on it .... and Sleep came to him...a Restful Sleep....a Much Needed Sleep.....a Loving and Caring Sleep.

Dreaming of a NEW and Better Life