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Rich Briere

A Bit About Me...and maybe You, too.

Has Technology taken over our Lives Completely?  All it takes is a quick trip to your local Eatery or any other place where folks are able to congregate and that question will be answered in 15 seconds. Look around the room. If there are Four people at a Table, there are Four PHONES at that table....and they're IN USE. Watch the person you're "conversing" with as their eyes flash back and forth between their plate and their phone. Addiction of any kind is a Sad thing indeed....but this "Phone thing" is totally Nuts.
Been behind a Phone Hog at a Stop Light lately?  Every Traffic Light! Up comes the Phone. #sad     

"If You want our Phones you'll have to pry them from our Cold, Dead Hands !!"

Personally, I leave my phone at home as often as I take it with me. Why? Cuz I saw myself becoming more of a "User" than I wanted to be. While never an Addict I've successfully avoided the disease shared by so many.

Cuz I love Musical Instruments and those who make Music I stay in touch with some Very Talented Artists via YouTube .....and of course let's not forget CuriousityStream...IMHO the very best viewing that is currently available on ANY Screen. 

 As Music and Photography are my Primary Joys in Life I do my best to avoid politics...a result of unexpectedly discovering that 50% of the United States is Completely Insane and elected the Planet's Largest Piece of shit ever to Exist..Donald J.Trump: aka the "Tangerine Gibbon", a Maniacal, Ignorant and Narcissistic former TV Game Show Host, "Pussy Grabber"(his words), Carnival Barker and Low-Life Conman as our POTUS...a Clown who's long been driving Sane folks absolutely batshit crazy with his Thankfully-Deleted Tweets and his Massive Ego. What a friggin' Goober Trump is! What on Earth were we thinking...and will we ever recover from the damage done by him and his Whackjob Followers such as the Lovely "Teresa Trump", shown here in typical trump attire? I'm not holding my breath.



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