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Has Technology taken over our Lives Completely?  All it takes is a quick trip to your local Eatery or any other place where folks are able to congregate and that question will be answered. Look around the room. If there are Four people at a Table, there are Four PHONES at that table....and they're IN USE. Watch the person YOU are conversing their eyes flash back and forth between their plate and their phone.

Been behind a Phone Hog at a Stop Light lately?  Every Light! Up comes the Phone. #sad     

"If You want our Phones you'll have to pry them from our Cold, Dead Hands !!"

Personally, I leave my phone at home as often as I take it with me. Why? Cuz I saw myself becoming more of an "User" than I wanted to be. I don't have a Facebook account. ... or a Twitter account...or an Instagram.  I keep a Pinterest account cuz I love Musical Instruments and Beauty. While I'm not there much and have no idea how to operate it, it feeds me stuff and it allows me to find and stay in touch with some Very Talented Artists. 


As Music and Photography are my Primary Joys in Life, I enjoy YouTube and years ago found that the Now-Deceased "Google +" allowed me to communicate with a growing number of Friends currently living in or moving to Europe....a result of the United States electing the "Tangerine Gibbon", a Maniacal and Narcissistic former TV Game Show Host, Carnival Barker and Low-Life Conman as our POTUS...a Clown who's long been driving Sane folks absolutely batshit crazy with his previously-endless Tweets and his Massive Ego. What a friggin' Goober! What on Earth were we thinking? Obviously...we weren't thinking .... and just for the record, I'm not a Hillary Fan either.
I simply know a Total Turd when I Smell one.     🎩  🍎



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 From My Mind to Yours 

🙏🏼 I get IMMENSE joy from reading your Communications. Recently I had a fabulous Discussion regarding Phone Addiction.  What is it? How bad is it? Should we see a Doctor?  🍎 IMHO...Yeah...We should. 

I watched from my studio window one evening in January as a Young (25-ish) couple walked out of the Pizza Joint across the street from my studio....both of their faces buried in their phones as they not-so-carefully maneuvered the snow covered sidewalk.

Although I saw it coming, HE didn't.... WHAM !! He hit the "No Parking-Here to Corner" sign Full On and down he went, his head bouncing on the Concrete. I chuckled thinking he'd immediately bounce back up...until I saw the Blood staining the Snow and noticed he wasn't moving. My Call to 911 hit before hers ..... as she was desperately trying to administer First Aid....her phone lost in the snow. People quickly gathered around...most anxious to help but none able to do much. The Ambulance was on-site in minutes, loaded the Couple into the Vehicle and off they went....
Siren Blaring.  🚒 #phoneaddiction  

We're all quite aware of how many Cars make it through a Stoplight these days ..... The Number is down drastically now as drivers feel the need to check their phones every 30 seconds and don't move once the light changes until someone like me lays on the horn.
Something needs to change.


My point? I learn from you folks each day and it's GREATLY appreciated. I own Two "Screens".....a 20 year old, 62", Pioneer Elite Plasma which doesn't even have HDMI connectors as the Heart of my Home Theater.. and a 3 year old Samsung "Screaming Mimi" in my Bedroom. I haven't turned it on in two years...maybe more. I probably should. Maybe tomorrow. 🤔 

In 1957 my Grandfather was Considered a "Techie" as he owned a "Stereo" record player....In his case, the term "Stereo" meaning it had an extension speaker 😂... not Stereo as in, well, STEREO. It was at his home that I first listened to "Meet the Beatles" did he. He feigned interest and tapped his foot now and again....but I'm quite certain that Lawrence Welk was screaming in his Ear...... "Turn that Shit off!"

His "Home Theater" also had a Rotor on the TV which, when the Magic button was pressed, the Roof-mounted Antennae would actually turn, sharpening the BLACK & White picture quality on the THREE (as in ONLY 3) channels then in existence.

We'd eat Popcorn, drink Coke and revel in the Joys of Modern Technology. I remember those days rather fondly despite the fact that now I have 900 Channels to choose from as well as Netflix, Apple TV, etc., and still ...."There's Nothing Good on".

As you've noticed, TV Programming seems to be directed at those with an
IQ comparable to that of a Brick. Why is that?  Check out any FoxNews Viewer's IQ. 🦊
Thick as a Brick.

CuriousityStream, Apple TV, PBS, and Netflix are our Salvation. Never Settle for Less.  🍎 

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