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Living with Social Networking

Has Technology taken over our Lives Completely?  All it takes is a quick trip to your local iHop or any other place where folks are able to congregate and that question will be answered. Look around the room. If there are Four people at a Table, there are Four PHONES at that table....and they're IN USE. Watch the person YOU are conversing their eyes flash back and forth between their plate and their phone. Been behind a Phone Hog at a Stop Light lately?  #sad    

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has declared our "phone dependency / illness" an Epidemic and vowed to do something about it...taking it to Congress if necessary.  I suspect that there will soon be a "National Phone Association" modeled after the NRA...boldly  declaring: 

"If You want our Phones you'll have to pry them from our Cold, Dead Hands !!"

Personally, I leave my phone at home as often as I take it with me. Why? Cuz I saw myself becoming more of an "User" than I wanted to be. I don't have a Facebook account. I DO have a small Twitter account. While I'm not there much it allows me to find and stay in touch with some Very Talented Artists. 

I deleted my Instagram account after spending 2 out of four weeks in September of 2020 being tossed in IG Jail myself, accused without an ounce of proof that I was
"BUYING Likes and Followers". 

Buying "friends" should, IMHO, be outlawed as should the ability to post ANYTHING under a phony or fake name. Those caught with phony names or multiple weird profiles on ANY Social Networking site should, IMHO, be Burned at the Stake...Dismembered....or Deep Fried....Whichever is more Suitable.

As Music and Photography are my Primary Joys in Life, I enjoy YouTube and years ago found that the Now-Deceased "Google +" allowed me to communicate with a growing number of Friends currently living in or moving to Europe....a result of the United States electing the "Tangerine Gibbon", a Maniacal and Narcissistic former TV Game Show Host, Carnival Barker and Low-Life Conman as our POTUS...a Clown who's long been driving Sane folks absolutely batshit crazy with his previously-endless Tweets and his Massive Ego. What a friggin' Goober! What on Earth were we thinking? Obviously...we weren't....and just for the record, I'm not a Hillary Fan either. I simply know a Total Turd when I Smell one.     🎩  🍎


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